Cynthia (luv4shojo13) wrote in raw_lens,

-What is your...
001. NAME: Cynthia
002. NICK NAME: Cyn, Sin, Cynth
003. AGE: 15
005. LOCATION: East Coast

-List between 5 and 15 of your favourite
006. bands/singers- very few people ever know my bands but... Boa, Loquat, Silverman, The Cranberries, Gonna Bees, John Mayer, Jewel
007. books- Anything by Nicholas Sparks, His dark materials series, Goddess of the Moon series, anything by Frasesca Lia Block, anything by Yu Watase, Sensual Phrase, Hot Gimmick
008. movies- Kiki's Delivery Service, Chicago, chick flicks in general

-How often do you like to...
009. Use digital/web cameras? all the time, when ever I get the change
010. Take pictures of yourself or model for other people? I take pictures of myself alot, because I have no one to model for me, and as for modeling for others I don't do it that often
011. Go on camera voyages for scenery and random people? (i.e. being an artsy-fuck) I do that alot, I'll just randomly bring my camera places if I know the time is right, the sky will be good to me, or if it is raining... I bring it to the city, cause there is always something to get there

-What are your views on...
012. Narcissism? **shrugs** Even if I said anything I'd contradict myself
013. Contrasting/editing pictures? I enjoy it, I think it's part of the creative process
014. Homosexuality- Doesn't bother me
015. Anarchy- **shrugs** I'm to much of a carefree person

-Random questions...
016. where's the strangest place your foot has ever been? um... in canned cheese... yah...
017. tell us a joke or give a funny picture- so an irish guy walks out of a bar... **buh dumm dum dum**
018. what's the weirdest thing about you? Where do I start???
019. What's your favourite thing about the 80's? the clothing rocked!
020. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? I'd be a little more self motivated

-pick a word...
021. piddle vs. piss: piss
022. titties vs. boobs boobs
023. cool vs. tight tight
024. girl vs. chick chick

025. pick one or two members of this community and compliment them... ¬_¬ Can I just say in general I've been watching this community from afar, and I'm impressed... not that that means much... but

I'm sorry about the dates below... not only are they there, but they are wrong

Pretty colors

I like the shadow

Another of me

One of my best friends

Stuck on a bus

Never to leave

My best friends and I
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