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Camera Recommendations

For a while now I've been thinking of splurging on a new, nice, camera. Until recently, I haven't had the available funds to do so. I'm still on a somewhat tight budget, however I would particularly like to have a nice camera before this summer, as I am headed off to the Sevilla region of Spain. So, I'm willing to splurge a bit.

Currently I have a fairly nice, albeit old, 35 mm camera of my father's. I also have a crappy "snapshot" type of 35 mm, and a POS hp435 digital. I love photography, but have never taken a class. Somehow I managed to make it into this community, but I still feel the urge to improve. From this point, I don't feel that I can improve until I get a better camera.

So, I've come to you for help.

1. As far as the easiest/cheapest way to get nice pictures on the run goes, would you recommend digital or film?

2. For each (film and digital), which brand(s) would you recommend and why?

3. Of these brands, which models would you recommend? Again, why?

4. Where can I find said recommendations? Do you know approximate prices?

I apologize for a text-only post, however I do feel as though it is somewhat relevant to the community. I don't recall anything specific in the rules banning this sort of thing, but I will remove the post if necessary.

Thank you all for any help.
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