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App fo the MO fo's

-What is your...
001. NAME:Eric
002. NICK NAME:Erica, Fatty mcfat fat
003. AGE:18
005. LOCATION:Niles

-List between 5 and 15 of your favourite
006. bands/singers: Frank Sinatra, Him, Sigur Ros, Muse, Velvet Revolver, Atmosphere, A Kid Called you, Minus Vince, Incubus, Greenday,
007. books: Harry Potter Series, Crime Scene, Wicked, Forensic's for Dummies, Enders Game, Dialogues of Plato
008. movies: Harry Potter POA, Music From Another Room, Dead Poets Society, Bill and Teds Excellent Adventure, Eternal Sunshine of the spotless mind,

-How often do you like to...
009. Use digital/web cameras?i dont like using them much because it doesnt really capture the heart and soul the 35mm does
010. Take pictures of yourself or model for other people?I dont like to model for any body really, I'm very self concious about my body..but i do love taking photos of other people
011. Go on camera voyages for scenery and random people? (i.e. being an artsy-fuck)I love going on camera voyages...but i cant right now because my light meter on my camera is broken

-What are your views on...
012. Narcissism?To an extent.. but like dont look at urself in the water and try to save ur self from drowning
013. Contrasting/editing pictures? IF you can then do it.. i do it in the dark room
014. Homosexuality Im Bi
015. Anarchy:"Anarchy in the U.K 'What the fuck is up with that'"

-Random questions...
016. where's the strangest place your foot has ever been? a Salad bowl
017. tell us a joke or give a funny picture: uhhhhhhhhh. boo
018. what's the weirdest thing about you? Im really shy unless im in public then im a maniac mothu fucka
019. What's your favourite thing about the 80's? a Really cute guy i know was born... and i thank his mom
020. if you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be and why? my weight.. its ugly

-pick a word...
021. piddle vs. piss:Piss
022. titties vs. boobs:Tittie's
023. cool vs. tight: Tight:
024. girl vs. chick:Girl

025. pick one or two members of this community and compliment them... ¬_¬ You all rawk hard core

026. Last but not last supply us with 8 to 15 pictures. (3 of which must be of you, and 5 must be NOT of you. The rest are of any picture you have taken yourself, it can be anything you want, whether it be you or your sock)

/end application
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